What do we do in Wakefield and Huddersfield?

What do we do in Wakefield and Huddersfield?

As a locally based business, our teams have extensive experience solving the many common problems that can arise with homes in the community. Our employees love working on projects that make a difference for those securing first homes, maintaining existing properties, or looking to rejuvenate amazing heritage builds. So, here’s a little more detail about what we do and what you can expect when using us.


If your roof experiences damage, it’s important to address it as quickly as possible. While replacing your entire roof can be costly and time-consuming, deciding on targeted re-roofing can help address issues such as missing slates, structural weakness, or sport damage. Carrying out occasional checks can ensure that you catch and mitigate damage quickly and easily, letting our team quickly resolve the issue for a fraction of the conventional price. Even if you aren’t quite sure where the problem lies – whether it is absent shingles, cracked flashing, or unexplained water damage; calling in a member of our team can help you quickly identify the issues and propose a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Heritage Roofing:

The Wakefield and Huddersfield areas are famous for their large number of heritage buildings. Maintaining these architectural beauties is a skillset in itself and can take even the most skilled craftsmen a lifetime to master. The older rooves of heritage homes are more vulnerable to the elements than conventional builds and, if damage does occur, the effects can be profound. Sourcing the appropriate materials to make improvements or repairs can be difficult and often involves looking at a number or variables. Any roofing work will consider the overall structure of the property and integrity of the build, factoring in large features such as chimneys, decorative finishing, or carpenter’s marks; while also addressing issues such as rotten or damaged supports or replacing corroded and missing nails. This also involves deploying the changes and updates in a way that does not cause further damage to the building while also maintaining your property’s integrity and aesthetic.

New Roofing:

When small repairs or improvements won’t cut it, sometimes the only course of action left is a full refit. This can be due to damage, making a new property fit for purpose, or updating your home with comprehensive renovation work. Adding a new roof is to your home can be a significant end-to-end project that requires managing a number of variables; including accommodating you roof’s pitch and height, sourcing required materials, and making allowances for the age and layout of your building. Any professional service will be able to provide a comprehensive breakdown for any quotation and work required, helping you ensure your project is completed exactly as you need it. If you want to learn more about our work or source a no-obligation quote for your Wakefield or Huddersfield roofing project, you can get in touch with our team directly and let us know what you need to finishing out your roofing build and make the most of your home.