Reroofing as soon as you spot a problem can save money and stress in the future. Targeting damaged or at-risk areas in good time can also reduce the possibility of an entire roof replacement becoming necessary.

Why Reroof?

Anyone who’s had to fully replace a roof knows that it can be a huge endeavour, plus it can come with a huge price tag too. Reroofing offers a great alternative as it allows roofers to only replace the parts of the roof that are damaged or causing a hazard. This reduces the overall bill, not to mention limiting the disruption on your lives.

A reroof will remove the roofing materials but leave the structural elements in place to support the new roof materials. This means you won’t have to pay for replacing the structural elements of your roof, but you’ll still get the benefit of a brand-new roof covering.

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Signs You May Need a Reroof

Most of us aren’t in the habit of looking closely at our roofs, so the first sign that something’s wrong up there is often in the form of a problem. However, if you spot these issues early, MJB Roofing can help you address them.

  • There are shafts of daylight visible from inside your attic or loft
  • Cracked, damaged or buckled shingles
  • Granules of shingles in your gutters
  • Cracked flashing around vents, skylights and chimneys

Don’t worry if you think there’s a problem but you’re not sure how to explain it. Often, we can know something isn’t quite right about our roof, but we can’t pinpoint what’s changed. For peace of mind, get MJB in to examine it.

With any luck, it’s nothing, but we can offer expert advice on your next steps if something does crop up during our evaluation.

Considerations for Reroofing

If you opt for a reroof, there are some key things you’ll need to think about before you go ahead. MJB Roofing can advise on all of these, along with any other queries you might have:

  • The size of the area to be reroofed impacts the cost of the work. However, it can be useful to weigh up the price of reroofing along potential repairs to the existing roof over several years – a reroof may be more economical in the long-term.
  • Several materials are available for reroofing, and they all have different price tags and different pros and cons. Sometimes you need to weigh up the cost of materials over the quality and durability, but that’s something we can help you with.
  • If your property is in a conservation zone or a protected area, you might need to replace a roof in keeping with an area’s style.

Having a property reroofed instead of replacing the whole roof saves on the amount of materials required and the level of labour involved. Even so, it might not be the right option for your property, so we’d always recommend getting in touch for an evaluation and quote before you make any final decisions.

Reroofs MJB Roofing