Roofs on listed buildings and on properties within conservation areas can pose a challenge for property owners and roofers alike.

When these buildings need roof repairs or replacement, the first step is to be aware of the guidelines in place to govern any work. You should be able to find these out via your local council, but we can help if you’re having difficulty.

The problems that affect heritage roofs can be the same as everyday roofs. For instance, timbers may become unsafe and shingles may fall into disrepair. The issue with heritage buildings is that they’re often older and more vulnerable to the side effects of this damage. So, while no one wants a leak affecting a bathroom in a modern house, imagine how much worse it could be in a properly that’s 100 years old.

Heritage Roofs MJB Roofing
Heritage Roofs MJB Roofing

Important Aspects of Heritage Roofs

In many old properties, the roof structure itself is one of the most important features of the building. This doesn’t mean that the roof covering doesn’t matter – it just gives you another thing to think about when you’re looking at repairs. Maintaining the integrity of the structure is often a stipulation of undertaking any work, and this can require some expertise on the part of your roofing team.

These are some considerations when you’re dealing with heritage roofs:

  • Keeping the existing structure is paramount and this includes the trusses and the purloins.
  • Carved details such as carpenters’ marks are sometimes present and should be preserved.
  • Chimneys and pots should be retained as an external roof feature.
  • Original ridges and decorative finials should be kept and refixed.
  • “Nail sickness” is a common issue that means the nails are corroded and causing tiles to slip, but it doesn’t mean the whole roof covering is at risk.
  • Matching materials can often be found to help preserve the appearance of the property.

Specialist Advice from MJB Roofing

Any work on heritage roofs must be undertaken by professionals with experience of working on listed buildings or older properties. Not only is this vital to ensure that no further damage is done to the roof while the work is in progress, but it also ensures that your roofers have extensive knowledge of how to preserve original features and where matching materials may be sourced.

There are plenty of heritage properties across Yorkshire, and MJB Roofing have worked with many property owners to repair their roofs in a way that maintains their traditional appearance but also functions effectively in its own right as a roof.

Unlike some roofing companies, we also work frequently on roofs with York Stone, providing a comprehensive service for heritage homeowners.

If you have any queries or need work on your heritage roof, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Heritage Roofs MJB Roofing