MJB Roofing deliver all roofing services

including new roofs and heritage roof work at competitive prices

At MJB Roofing, we have the experience and knowledge to complete almost any roofing repair, build or extension. We have a strong record in heritage and conservation work, along with a commitment to giving customers the best value for money.

These are our main services:

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If your roofing materials are failing, a reroof can be a cost-effective method of improving your roof without needing to make structural repairs either now or in the future. Many leaks and associated problems can be solved by rapid repairs and reroofing, so don’t delay if you’ve noticed something amiss in your home.

Services MJB Roofing

Heritage & Conservation

For anyone living in an historic or listed property, roof repairs can be a headache. MJB Roofing have worked on old buildings of all varieties, including those with York Stone elements which some roofing companies refuse to work with.

Services MJB Roofing

New roofs

All properties will need a full roof replacement at some point, and MJB are on hand when your roof needs structural replacement. We can advise on costs and help with material and style choices too.

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New build roofing

MJB Roofing have worked with construction companies across Yorkshire to install roofs in new housing developments of all shapes and sizes. Equally, if you’re an independent builder seeking a partnership with a local roofing company, please get in touch.

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With many people opting to extend their home rather than move, MJB have been involved in roofing numerous extensions across Yorkshire. This can require material matching and careful work to ensure the existing roof isn’t damaged during the installation.

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Flat roofs

MJB Roofing are experts at installing fibreglass flat roofs, ideal for garages and extensions. Our customers are impressed by the durability and waterproof nature of fibreglass as a material, making it a popular option for all flat roofs.

Services MJB Roofing

Lead Work

If lead flashings fail, leaks can develop in the same way that faulty tiles may allow water to enter a property. MJB can rectify lead installation problems, along with repointing and redressing them to keep your property watertight.