How Does the British Climate Affect Your Home?

How Does the British Climate Affect Your Home?

Alternating between wet and windy winters and scorching summers, the British climate can be challenging to predict and just as difficult for your home to endure. With variable weather and rising temperatures from global warming, the roof of any British home stands to endure a lot over the coming years. So, what defines the modern British climate and how can you prepare your property to meet the challenges it represents?

What is British weather?

Located at an area where five airstreams converge, Britain is uniquely positioned to endure extremes of hot, cold and a lot of what lies in-between. These influence the area’s climate and provide a mix of seasonal weather that homeowners are required to plan against. These include- Polar Maritime: Coming in from the north-west, this travels across Greenland and the arctic sea, bringing cold, wet weather that carries showers, mostly affecting Northern Ireland and the west-coast of Scotland. Arctic Maritime: Winding its way directly from the arctic north, this airstream beings very cold, wet air that carries the risk of snow in winter; primarily affecting Scotland and much of the North. Polar Continental: These winds enter eastward from Central Europe, carrying with them dry warm summers for the middle of the England and colder, crisp air that carries the threat of snow in the wintertime. Tropical Continental: Brought to us from Northern Africa and arriving via the South, this carries hot weather in our summers and the residual warmth that we can enjoy in Winter. Tropical Maritime: Carried across the Atlantic and enters from the South west, this is made up of humid air that brings mild temperatures to the south of England and along the coast of neighbouring Ireland.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Our business is based in the Wakefield and Huddersfield areas, locations that are fairly representative for of typical British weather in the middle of England; allowing residents to enjoy the heat of the south and forced to bear out the spikes of cold that come from the north. In our experience, there are some elements that are essential to protect your home and roof against. These include- Rain: Water damage from leaky roof can cause serious damage to your property. Making sure that your roofing is well maintained and your tiling intact is absolutely essential. If you want to repair any damage to your property or adjust your heritage roofing, getting in touch with a professional team can help you secure a quote quickly and effectively. Scorching heat: As temperatures increase, it is important to be aware of the change in climate and the pre-empt damage that the sun can do to your home. As the summer reaches its peak, your roofing absorbs additional heat which can raise the temperature of your roof space; causing warping to the timbers and bombarding your panels with UV rays. Warming during the day and contracting at night can also do damage to slates and tiles, weakening them and making them vulnerable to additional damage. Winds: When it comes to the autumn and winter months, British homes can be punished with gale force winds. This can result in something as simple as lost tiles or serious as dealing with felled trees and extensive damage to your roof. Carrying out a full inspection about nearby risks to your homes is essential and ensuring that all missing tiles are replaced is essential. If you want to help prevent damage to your home, we hope you do not hesitate to contact our experienced local team and let us know exactly what you need to improve or future-proof your home.