How Does a Quality Roof Keep Your House Warm?

How Does a Quality Roof Keep Your House Warm?

Staying warm in the colder months always becomes a priority when it’s a little too late. Taking time to plan out a new roofing design early in the year can help keep you and your loved ones toasty when it’s needed the most.
So, how can a quality roof help keep your home warm and what are some small, extras that are worth adding to your home?

How does a roof keep your house warm

Put simply, the roof on your home is the bobble hat on your head on a cold winter’s night. As hot air rises in your home, a large amount will pass through your ceilings and up through your roof, escaping through your slates and tiles. And – like a hat – you can pick one up for cheap but, when you spend a little extra money, you truly feel with benefit.

When it comes to hearing your home, spending a little extra on a quality, insulating build will mitigate this heat loss. And with half of your bills going toward keeping you warm , and 35% of heat loss is through your roof alone of your heating energy leaving through your roof, going the extra mile on materials can help provide support that can keep your heating costs down and roofing intact for longer.

However, if you are living in a period home, it can often be a challenge to heat and retain warmth in your rooms. This can be due to using heritage materials in your roof that may be aesthetically beautiful but may be leak heat if installed incorrectly. As a Wakefield and Huddersfield based team, we know the challenge that heritage roofing represents and are extensively trained in working with these materials to provide an optimal solution. Hiring a trained company can help make sure that any locally sourced slate is added correctly and will work with you to incorporate modern improvements without ever having to compromise on the design of your home.
Spending a little extra to find a qualified team means that your job will be done right and exactly as you need it.

How else can I stay warm

While adding a quality roof can help keep your home warm, there are many other simple, smaller fixes that can help provide added value to your roofing work.

These can include:
Upgrading your thermostat: Choosing a Nest or Hive thermostat can help you program your heating to come on periodically throughout the day to maximise warmth and minimise the expense of turning your heating on for long periods of time.
Checking your wall insulation: If you are living in an older home you are likely to have cavity walls but little if no insulation. Taking the time to have some installed in your home can help it increase its value and dramatically help your property retain heat; something that is essential if your property is detached or semi-detached.
Seal your loft: If your loft does not already have insulation, make sure to address it if you can. Spray insulation can be applied quickly and relatively cheaply. Also make sure that you consider the insulation and seal around your loft door to make sure no excess heat leaks out.
Consider your letterbox: Often forgotten, your letterbox can easily be wedged open by thoughtless junk mail or have a weak seal due to a lack of an ability to auto-close or insulating bristles. Upgrading your letterbox can make sure that you avoid drafts into your hallway but that your home stays safe and secure.

These can all act together and work to ensure that the effort and energy you put into keeping your home warm isn’t wasted. If you want to learn more about how quality materials and services can potentially help, we hope you get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly what you need to keep your home warm this winter.