How do we help maintain Wakefield and Huddersfield’s heritage history?

How do we help maintain Wakefield and Huddersfield’s heritage history?

Finding the right team to manage your heritage roof can be difficult. And with so many local businesses present in the local area, how do find one with the right skillset to finish out your project? So, what is the legacy of the area and how can our skillset help residents looking to improve their homes?

What is Huddersfield and Wakefield’s architectural history?

Huddersfield enjoys many historic links to classical Victorian architecture. The town played a pivotal role in the industrial revolution, the town is home to many heritage buildings that once housed workers and gorgeous architecture that supported the local infrastructure such as the stunning Huddersfield railway station. The area also enjoys a relatively temperature climate that brings humid weather and long, warm summers. However, this also works to produce heavy rainfall in the colder months, with steady showers replacing snowfall in the wintertime. As richly storied as Huddersfield, Wakefield has well over 700 listed buildings, including the stunning Wakefield cathedral that has been a landmark for over 800 years and subject to near constant improvements and is a Grade I listed structure. The area’s history with textile production also means that many nearby homes and buildings were constructed to accommodate workers in the period, bringing their unique own demands for renovation to make sure they keep their original character. Clocking in at 697mm of rainfall on average per annum, the area endures significant rain throughout the year, presenting a preservation challenge for even the best-kept home.

What services do we provide for local homes?

Owning a heritage property can be hugely rewarding but can often prove troublesome when it comes to renovation and repairs. Even if your property is only a few decades old, your building materials will have changed or endured significant wear and tear. This can result in water damage, structural failure, or injury and culpability from falling slates and tiles. Once we have carried out our initial inspection, we will work with you to confirm that your heritage property is fit to renovate, providing an additional check that you have attained all relevant permissions and approvals. We can then work to find the right materials for your build that help retain your aesthetic but are truly fit for purpose – letting you bring modern efficiencies and improvements to your roofing project without compromising on your original design. Before starting our final build work, we work to address any details or elements that are unique to the roof of your home. Many builds in the area enjoy unique designs, engravings, and features that should always be preserved or replicated as closely to the original design as possible. Once this is captured and agreed, our team can begin their renovation work and work to keep you informed every step of the way. Our fully trained team have completed over [PLEASE ADD] build and re-build projects and are happy to lend our expertise to ensuring that your project is finished out correctly. If you want to find out more about how we can help with your property, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Huddersfield and Wakefield roofing teams and let us know what you need to finish out your build.