Heritage Roof Completions

Heritage Roof Completions

Previous Projects

As our business enjoys a strong client-base in the Huddersfield and Wakefield areas, here is a small selection of local projects that we have recently finished out; ranging from individual modern homes, stunning fresh builds, and timeless heritage housing. These include-

Heritage Roof Completions

Older builds are more susceptible to damage or ongoing issues. Choosing an experienced build team HERITAGE ROOFS means that you will be able to fold new techniques and materials into your design without compromising on your overall design or aesthetic.

This build was finished out to exacting standards and resulted in the use of specially sourced materials from one of our key providers to ensure that their aesthetic was maintained. We also took extra care to deploy it in the most careful way possible to ensure that no additional damage was incurred with the build. This involved exercising our team’s specialised tools and training to finish out the project exactly as the client needed it.

New Builds in Cleckheaton

We were brought in to help provide a roofing solution to a stunning fresh build in nearby Cleckheaton. After meeting with the client, our team were required to provide a consistent, durable design across each of the ten buildings on a restricted project timescale. Bearing this in mind, we decided to deploy Heritage Roof Completions in order to accommodate the design’s loft extensions and match the shared aesthetic of the stonework – combining modern style and giving the housing amazing character that can often be missing from similar bulk-builds.

New build in Whinney Lane Harrogate

Our team were particularly proud of this rural build that was finished in and made extensive use of Heritage Roof Completions to match the design of the client’s nearby property. This was a relatively quick build as we were able to build a solid working relationship with the client and ensure that their vision was kept. One of our key aims for the project was ensuring that the build was sustainable and fit for purpose; leading us to deploy Heritage Roofs to ensure that the roof was fully proofed against the elements and their guttering solution avoided excessive runoff or other seasonal complications.

Heritage Roof Completions MJB Roofing

New Build in Gomersal, near Cleckheaton

This was another challenging fresh build. Upon first meeting with the client, we walked through the practicalities of managing an unconventional plan and how best to make a limited budget fit a truly stunning design. In this case, we chose to deploy Heritage Roof Completions to cover the roof and safely cover the two balconies in a way that matched the client’s aesthetic and would provide long-lasting protection.

If you want to learn more about our finished builds or find out if our team is a good fit for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with directly and let us know exactly what you need to finish out your project.