4 Common Problems All Roofs Face

4 Common Problems All Roofs Face

Every roof may be different but the problems they endure are often all too familiar. The top of your house is designed to provide long-lasting protection, but issues around initial installation, environmental damage, and other problems can soon mount up.
So, here are four of the most common roofing problems all homeowners will face, and some simple steps to take care of them. Starting with-

Elemental damage

Your roof experiences a lot throughout the year. The spring can bring heavy rainfall, causing water can leak between your tiling and damage the structural integrity of your loft and the items within it. attic. Summer’s repeated heating and cooling can cause tiles to weather and crack. Autumn’s heavy winds can easily fell trees or send tiles scattering from your roof, causing damage to anything that happens to be below them. And when we get to winter, ice can add extra weight to your roof and cause sagging or structural damage; alongside frozen water expanding and levering up your slates to further weaken your roof as the cycle repeats.

Action: Take time to inspect your home after adverse weather and keep an eye out for tile damage. If you lose more than a few tiles at a time, consider consulting a professional.

Organic Damage

While surrounding your home with greenery can be beautiful, plant growth can cause numerous problems for your home. Seeds dropped by birds or airborne spores can easily grow between gaps and effortlessly force their way up between your now-loosened roof tiles. Mosses are also a perennial problem due to their ability to grow quickly and retain moisture. This can see them seeping under your slates or tiles, promoting the growth of moulds and causing water damage to your build. Other climbers like ivy can eat away at the brickwork around your home and add extra weight to your guttering or fixtures, loosening them or pulling items away from your wall or roof.

Action: While some plant-life is natural and expected, continuous or heavy growth should be addressed be a professional roof cleaning team or consulting with an expert on how to keep your roof clear for longer.


Every roof is designed for maximum durability, but time will catch up with even the most solid build. One of the main reasons why many choose to deploy a roof refit is to replace or upgrade old or damaged items in your structure. This can include a litany of cumulative issues such as damaged caulking, visible water damage, missing tiles, rusted or absent nails, or more. Catching these before they evolve into more bigger issues is essential as is knowing to pull the trigger on a refit rather than bleed money on more short-term changes.

Action: If issues mount, consult your chosen professional on a costing and weigh up the price of a refit. Most importantly, try to determine what improvements need to be made and what can be made.

Taking time to consider and address these issues is essential. If you want reliable 3rd party advice about a full replacement or to talk through ongoing concerns, we hope you do not hesitate to get in touch with our team directly and let us know what you need to improve your build. As we are based and specialise in issues faced by homes in Wakefield and Huddersfield we are well versed in dealing with problems related to heritage roofing, tile damage, and other damage common to the area. If you are looking to refit or just seeking guidance on how best to proceed, we would be more than happy to help with your problems.